mailredirectalternative is an adaptation of the mailredirect extension, that adds the ability to do a Eudora style redirect ('by way of') to Mozilla Thunderbird.

What's the difference exactly?

Redirecting (bouncing) means: passing on a received message that was intended for someone else, allowing that person to reply directly to the original sender.

The original mailredirect extension will only do a RFC 2822 compatible redirect that leaves all original message headers (e.g. To, From, Date) intact, and adds new headers (Resent-To, -From, -Date) with your personal information.

Eudora has known a redirect function for many years. This is a more visible redirect: it changes the To and Date headers, and adds your name and email to the From header (e.g.: 'by way of John Doe <>').

While this behaviour isn't strictly RFC compliant, I hope this plugin is of use to Eudora users who think of switching to Thunderbird but are quite attached to this functionality.

Is that all?

No, it isn't. I also added a feature that lets you add a 'Sender:' header with your name/email while leaving the 'From:' header intact, instead of adding the 'by way of' phrase. People will see your name and email in most email clients, but will reply to the original sender.

Why a separate extension?

The developer of mailredirect, Pawel Krzesniak, wants to keep his extension RFC compliant. I respect that. mailredirect is available under the GPL, though, and I think a lot of people are looking for this kind of functionality. That's why I released it separately. Now that's open source software for you. mailredirectalternative will try to keep track of major changes and enhancements in mailredirect, though.

How can I contribute / contact you?

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